South African Funeral Supplies :: Why Choose Us

South African Funeral Supplies is a proudly South African manufacturer whose commitment is in fighting local poverty, creating local employment and to positively contribute towards the up – liftment of the funeral industry in general

South African Funeral Supplies does not 'outsource' any part of our business. Nor do we have distributors or partners. This means that our vision, passion, commitment and accountability is shared and maintained within our structure. It also allows for ease of communication and a degree of flexibility with our valued customers

South African Funeral Supplies has 9 branches and a significant Southern Africa footprint through which our extensive product range is delivered in order to meet the service obligations of our valued customers. Each branch consists of an administration hub, warehouse facility and showroom displaying our latest products and accessories.

In addition to this national network, we also supply our products to cross border customers in Southern Africa, making South African Funeral Supplies a truly Trans African supplier.

Known as the industry's 'one–stop–shop' South African Funeral Supplies not only manufactures caskets but can also include accessories like lowering devices, church trolleys', coffin stands, flower sets, grass mats, etc. into our product range.

If we don't manufacture it we will source it for you!