South African Funeral Supplies :: SADC & COMESA

South African Funeral Supplies is constantly expanding our African network and we are looking for customers to join us in this expansion.

As a valued cross – border customer you will receive 2 major benefits when choosing South African Funeral Supplies as your preferred supplier. These are:-

  • SADC certification ensures that "member states" are incentivized to conduct business with each other and as such receive discounted rates on customs duties and preferential tariff treatment for transportation
  • South African Funeral Supplies enjoys long standing relationships with our transporters and shipping agents. These skilled and experienced professionals assist with all clearing, forwarding, customs, duties, etc. they are effective and efficient at what they do and will ensure prompt delivery with no stock damage

Should you be eager to pursue further discussions then South African Funeral Supplies will need to begin building a framework of understanding of your business and as such we respectfully request the following information:-

  • Company Profile (History, Shareholders, Future Plans / Strategies)
  • Current Product Range (Details & Pictures)
  • Current Supplier Information (Outsource, Pricing Structure, Own Manufacturer)
  • Distribution (Area & Method)
  • Branch Network (Details i.e. number of branches, cold-rooms, pay points, showrooms, owned or rented, mortuaries, vehicles, staff compliment)
  • Government Tender Processes