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Funeral Guide is a resource of FREE tools and information to help prepare for and deal with death. In ord
er to make important decisions with a clear head and help ease the burden on our families when the time comes, we encourage everyone to talk about death and prepare for the event long before we expect it.

 The sudden passing away of any person close to you inevitably leaves a huge and painful void and brings us face to face with the fragile existence of our own mortality. The finality of the separation, and the trauma brought about by the realisation that it is a permanent loss can be an almost unbearable anguish. 

The South African Funeral Practitioners Association (SAFPA) was started more than 18 years ago by predominantly black funeral undertakers who were previously disadvantaged. The Association has built its reputation on assisting, coaching and supporting inexperienced, existing and aspiring funeral undertakers and its owners towards well-functioning businesses being part of one big SAFPA family.